Support Navajo Nation

We're so excited to announce our partnership with expressive artist Agoney D.Dávila AKA @company_of_feelings. He created this totally rad design inspired by "indignation and sadness" + Jason Momoa's short movie "Road to Paloma" (which somewhat portrays the theme of life on Indian reservations). That design includes Jason Momoa's Cadillac (also featured in the movie), "Bernadette".  

In Agoney's words, 

"Everything that is happening in relation to the Covid-19 and how badly the Navajo Nation is having it, due to the few resources they have, despite being in a country that is one of the first powers in the world."

The money raised will be donated to help the Navajo Nation. Please buy one to help and to tell the world we stand with the Navajo people.