FAQ Sheet

We cannot add on garments after an order has been submitted. Please allow enough time to get the correct numbers to avoid this.


$30.00 per hour (Avg. 2-3 hours)
$60.00 deposit required to start artwork.

Art Turn Around Time
Allow 7 business days for artwork.

Bulk Pricing
Our minimum for bulk orders is 12 pieces.

Event/ Live Printing
We charge $20.00 per hour of the event. Also, the total cost of the garments and set-up prior to the event.

Order Forms
We require a total number per garment given by the customer to start the order. We do this to make sure the numbers are correct in the end.  We are not held reliable for miscounts.  We offer online ordering to make our customer’s lives easier if they choose that option.  

Production Turn Around Time
7-10 business days after payment is received and artwork is approved. 
Add 2 business days for inside tag prints.

Proof Approval
Once the proof is approved, we are not responsible for incorrect art or spelling that is printed on the garment.

Set-Up Fee
We charge set-up fees on re-orders.

Small Orders (less than 12 pieces)
We can print one piece orders. Our maximum for small orders is two locations, one color each. Otherwise, the price would be extraordinarily high for just one garment. The process of screen printing is lengthy, which is why we charge a small order fee of $35.00 flat, plus the cost of the garment and screen set-up fee.  We make sure it’s worth our time to make sure the end result is perfection!

Rush Orders
Anything less than 7 business days, we add a 25% rush order fee to the total amount of the invoice before tax.