Vintage Spirit Wear for Southern Illinois Schools

School Wear Southern Illinois Town Vintage Spirit Wear

We are soooo excited to announce that we will be creating vintage inspired spirit wear for the towns of Southern Illinois. Get ready for retro designs printed on the softest tees, softest hoodies, softest crewneck sweaters, and much more! 

If you know Phil and I, you know we love anything vintage. We were inspired to create retro spirit wear after we went to an estate sale in Herrin, IL (where we live). It wasn't just any estate sale, it was an estate sale at one of the first houses built in Herrin. We were stoked! Oh, and the former owner's last name was HERRIN! I'm pretty sure their family founded the town of Herrin. If anyone has more details on the homeowners, please email us. Anyway, we were roaming around this awesome old house admiring all the woodwork and nooks n' crannies when we spotted the orange crewneck sweatshirt with flocked off-white letters that read HERRIN. It was in great condition and was from the early 1940s. We scored! We hung it in our shop for a while as a sweet trophey. It wasn't long before Phil began to wear it, though. I borrow it from time to time. It's one of our favorite articles we own.

We want to recreate some of yesteryears greatest nostalgia. We will be putting our spirit wear up on our website in the near future. So keep those eyes peeled for our comfortable and interesting fan gear.  ;-)

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